Solar Power Solutions

What Are The Advantages of Solar Power?

Solar energy is an affordable and sustainable alternative electricity source. With no moving parts, solar modules generate electricity directly from the sun’s rays and last for 25 years. By offsetting the electricity purchased from a national utility, or by providing cheap energy to a utility, Easy Power Company Limited creates significant cost savings.

Most of the world’s solar modules are made from crystalline silicon, or in its basic form: sand. There is an abundance of input material, and solar technology has advanced significantly over the last few years, meaning that the systems are becoming cheaper to install and more reliable in their outputs.

Easy Power Company’s solar PV and storage solutions harness low-cost, clean energy and assist homes, businesses and governments to prosper, creating a better future for all.

What is Solar?

Solar is the world’s most abundant resource. The life-giving energy of the sun is also an invaluable source of electricity, with modern technology allowing the safe harnessing of the sun for years to come.

Solar PV is easily deployable and flexible, allowing it to fit into various scenarios, from large-scale utility production, to solar microgrids for remote clients.

What You Didn't Know About Solar!

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