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ICT has drastically changed how business and people work, communicate, learn and live. Moreover, ICT continues to revolutionize all parts of the human experience as it enables people and their entities to work more quickly, efficiently handle various tasks and services.

ICT’s importance to economic development and business growth is monumental, in fact, it’s credited with ushering in what many have labeled as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Therefore, it’s important to derive value from the use of ICT in order to grow and mentor other businesses.

We at Easy Power Company have assembled and acquired a great set of IT skills pool and resources to meet all your requirements. We have also invested in strategic partnerships with various business partners enabling us to have direct access from the warehouse floor to latest software and hardware in the market.

Our ICT Solutions

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Software & Antivirus Supplies
  • Consultancy

Information security

We understand and implement the procedures and processes to deliver systems in some of the highest security environments

Identity management

We have been involved in many ground breaking systems to provide identity assurance and have developed facial recognition systems


We have played a leading role in collaboration technologies, participating in innovative collaboration technologies, as well as research in various networks


Network Infrastructure & Variants

LAN or WAN network is the key to the efficient and productive sharing of information within your organisation, whether you need to link multiple sites or terminals at a single location.

The enterprise networking market is highly complex. Easy Power can help you determine which technology is flexible enough to allow your network to keep pace with your business requirements, whether this involves supporting, upgrading or re-engineering your current capabilities or the design and implementation of a customised solution.

We also specialise in structured cabling which allows you to integrate data, voice and video onto one cabling system. This infrastructure is the core of your business and essential to any company.

There are many different standards for copper cables to consider, which offer varying degrees of performance and cost. All of the cabling systems we install meet TIA/EIA standards and our experience installing cabling give us the knowledge to recommend the system which best suits your own cost and performance requirements.


ICT Consultancy

Our information and communications technology (ICT) consultancy ensures technology not only meets the requirements of its users but that it is implemented and managed to realise the promised benefits.

ICT is integral to modern life and covers all aspects of society’s infrastructure including:

  • Efficient online services
  • Sophisticated spatial and transportation systems
  • Complex communications and IT networks in buildings

Easy power provides expert consultancy that covers the full lifecycle of the design and implementation of these systems. We bring our expertise to ensuring that the ICT strategy is comprehensive, the design is robust, the implementation is successful and the ongoing management delivers the benefit.

This comprehensive approach covers a wide range of disciplines including enterprise architecture, business analysis, systems engineering and service management. We also understand the context that ICT sits within, whether this be a new public service or a new building, and adopt a holistic approach that engages all stakeholders and delivers fully integrated solutions

Software Assurance

Easy power Company information team offers a comprehensive, independent software assurance service, covering testing and qualification ( that is Independent Verification and Validation – IV&V of all software)

Software Engineering

We take pride in our ability to rapidly design operational systems using independence and proficiency in a wide range of technologies to produce solutions off-the-shelf mobile and web applications systems

High Integrity Systems

We are experts in designing ICT for technology rich buildings with complex user needs such as airports, hospitals and schools and we have been involved in High Integrity software development for over 5 years


Easy power geospatial team specialises in the capture and use of geospatial data, and in the design and implementation of geographical information systems (GIS) in all applicable systems required.

Computer Maintenance Services

Frustrated By Constant Computer Problems And Lack Of Response From Your Current IT Company?
Since 2006, Easy Power has delivered affordable, high quality IT integration and support services to the Ugandan business community. We have steadily upgraded our facilities, support tools and processes to reinforce an absolute commitment to customer service and support. Today, our capabilities meet or exceed any computer service and support organization in Uganda.

Why our Maintenance Services?

• Convenient location for quick onsite response throughout the Kampala
• Extended service hours to better serve our clients (7:30AM – 5:30PM, Monday-Friday)
• Emergency (24x7x365) service hours for contracted clients
• First class bench repair and test lab facilities
• Fast Computer Repair Turnaround
• Authorized Warranty Service Provider for many major brands

• Support for server operating systems and applications
• Help Desk support
• Expert network-level engineering support w/high level technical certifications
• Depot or Onsite service options
• Service programs and IT Management programs to meet your specific needs
• Very competitive hourly rates
One of the largest and most experienced computer maintenance and support teams in Uganda

Easy Power is everything you need to manage and maintain your awesome business integrity!