We supply, provide and install a wide range of high quality, high visibility and covert cameras for home or commercial properties. Wired or wireless networks.

The Indoor and outdoor cameras products; are in Bullet, Dome, Box, Spy, and Miniature Cameras. Easy Security can incorporate a single camera setup or a highly advanced multi-camera 24 hour monitored surveillance setup.

Our Products; Both Wired & Wireless with Coaxial

  • Bullet AHD Cameras
  • Dome AHD Cameras
  • Miniature AHD Cameras
  • Bullet TVI Cameras
  • Dome TVI Cameras
  • Network IP Speed Dome
  • AHD Speed Dome
  • CVI Speed Dome
  • TVI Speed Dome
  • IP Speed Dome
  • Bullet Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Box Cameras
  • Nanny – Spy Cameras
  • Bullet IP Cameras
  • Dome IP Cameras
  • Bullet Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Box Cameras
  • Nanny – Spy Cameras
  • Bullet IP Cameras
  • Dome IP Cameras
  • 4X AHD Cameras
  • 4X IP Cameras
  • 4X Effio-A Cameras
  • 3X AHD Cameras
  • 3X IP Cameras
  • 3X Effio-A Cameras
  • NVR & IP Camera Series
  • AHDVR & Camera Series
  • CVI DVR & Camera Series
  • Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • AHD Video Recorder (AHDVR)
  • CVI Video Recorder (CVR)
  • TVI Video Recorder (TVR)

Frequently Asked Questions About CCTV CAMERAS

All CCTV accessories are available ranging from Coaxial Cable, Ethernet, DC Connectors, Power Supplies, BNC Connectors, Video Transmitters, Storage Drives, HD Monitors, IP Switches and Routers.

You can choose a color or a monochrome CCTV camera depending on your surveillance requirement. While color CCTV security cameras are priced higher than monochrome CCTV cameras, they can provide brilliant picture quality while surveillance. On the other hand, monochrome CCTV cameras are ideal for low light conditions and outdoor surveillance.

By using high resolution cameras you can capture crystal clear images with great accuracy. Resolution of the camera is indicated by pixel measurements of the camera and the measuring unit is horizontal TV lines (TVL). High-resolution CCTV cameras are best suited for surveillance of crowded and crime prone areas especially areas needing high security checks like airports, railway stations, shopping malls, government, and large business organizations. At Easy Security, we supply and install high resolution cameras to meet the customer expectation of clarity and focus.

A CCTV camera lens determines the clarity of image that can be captured under particular lighting conditions. You can buy a camera lens depending on your need for surveillance in low light conditions. Make sure the lens you are buying is compatible with the model of the CCTV camera you are using. You can chose from lenses of fixed or variable focal length. Fixed focal length lenses capture images from a fixed view, while the variable focal length lenses can be adjusted to capture a varied view.

You can watch and listen to real time video and audio from our network enabled DVR’s, NVRs, installed anywhere in the world over the internet via a broadband connection. You can even playback recordings, control Pan Tilt and Zoom security cameras and more with Easy Security products.

CCTV Camera Surveillance