Gate Automation Systems in Uganda are one way to add convenience to your daily life.

Save money for a gate keeper and also have the peace of mind to open or close your gate from anywhere using your smart phone. Add extra security to your home by using a top-quality gate automation that alerts you in case someone tampers with it.

Our systems include: over ground & sliding gate systems, barrier systems – car park application.

Automated gates and barriers provide better security to your premises and can stop access from unwanted callers. Optional video entry systems are available.

Electric gates are an easy way to ensure the security of private premises and can be used for all sized properties.

Smart Automatic Gates in Uganda

Our brand-new D5 SMART sliding gate motor is equipped with the most cutting-edge security features and obstruction detection technology, guaranteeing that your gate is not only secure but also completely safe. Since safety and security can coexist, you shouldn’t have to choose between them. After all, peace of mind is a package deal.

  • Speed: Up to 36 Meters Per Minute
  • Power backup plan for emergency
  • Vibrator sensor to detect tampering with the gate
  • Wireless and effortless – easy setup and configuration from your smartphone
  • Improved position control system incorporating hall effect technology – highly resistant to interference
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • After service maintenance.
With unsurpassed convenience and control at your fingertips, you will love using the D5 Smart Motor.

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Our Products Include

Smart Gate Motors in Uganda
  • Swing Tustile
  • Smart Sliding gate
  • Servo motor Sliding gate
  • Full Height Tustile
  • Tripod turnstile
  • Flap Tustile
  • Gate Operator Motors
    (Slider Gate System, DC Swing Master, DC Swing Slave, Garage Door Motor, Release Lever Guard )
  • Transmitters and Receivers (Remotes)
  • Intercoms

Automated Gates