1. LCD Display, easy operation

2. 80 wireless zones, rolling to learn code. 4 wired zones

Wireless transmitting range is more than 180 meters.

3. Billion Code

4. 3groups Alarm CMS phone number, 2groups Network CMS phone number.

5. Available to set each zone to be ON/OFF. Available to set Global Arm or Perimeter Arm。 

6. Arm/disarm by remote, 2 groups Auto Arm/Disarm, remote to Arm/Disarm, Arm/Disarm by keypad

7. 72pcs alarm log, showing event detail & date (year, month, day, hour, minute).

8. Available to monitor Local, when alarming. Operating according to the voice prompts.

9. Self-check Function: easy to test & check, for adding new sensor & normal check

10. Freely to modify the password, Emergency Function 

11. Built-in 85dB buzzer, available to connect with EXT siren, backup battery and antenna.

12. Available to select wired/wireless PIR sensor, Door Sensor, Gas/Smoke Detector and so on.

13. 110~220V input 15V output, 15V output port for wired accessories. 

14. Touch Screen design, easy to operate.

15. Available to be hanging or Placing.

Technology Parameter:


1) Power Voltage:AC:110V ~ 245V;DC:15V 1000mA

2) Standby Current of Mainframe:≤40mA

3) Operating Current:≤80mA

4) Alarming Current:≤300mA(not connecting with EXT siren)

5) Receiving Frequency:433.92±0.5MHz

6) Preset Phone Number:3pcs phone number, 1pcs CMS NO. & 1pcs User ID

7) Backup battery:12V 1.3AH storage battery

8) Built-in Siren:≥85dB

9) Standby Time:≥8 Hours

10) Size:220×150×50mm

11) Wireless receiving range:≥180M

12) Triggered wired accessories:When disconnect, it will make alarm.

13) Triggered duration:0.5sec.

14) Security Zone:Wireless 80,Wired 4

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