1. Arm, disarm, panic alarm, select protective zones independently
2. Automatically dial preset phone numbers when being triggered
3. Remote controlled by mobile phone to arm, disarms, panic alarm, listen to the record and monitors the alarming scene.
4. Advanced American CPU processing circuit
5. Complicated codes (million groups), the repeat-code possibility is 1/10000 comparing with the traditional way
6. CMS&GSM optional, support ADEMCO Contact ID.
7. Interfaces for 24-hour smoke detectors, gas detectors and external sirens
8. Built-in 6*7# backup chargeable batteries
9. Built-in 85 db siren
10. LCD display (2 languages operation screen)
11. 16 wireless and 4 wired protective zones (Up to 5 accessories per wireless zone can be added)
12. Record and record play back
13. 72 pieces event log
14. Time display
15. Arm & disarm time preset-able

Technology Parameter:
1. Power Voltage:  AC:185V ~ 245V  DC:12V  Current:1000mA
2. Mainframe Standby Current:≤35mA
3. Operating Current: ≤100mA
4. Alarming Current: ≤300mA (have not connect with external siren)
5. Received Frequency:  433.92±0.5MHz
6. Preset Alarm Phone Number:  4pcs, one is CMS No., one is User’s ID.
7. Backup Battery:  10.8V  8pcs chargeable battery #7
8. Mainframe built-in Siren:  >85dB
9. Standby time: ≥8HR
10. Mainframe Size: 210 X 140 X 47mm
11. Wireless receiving beeline distance: ≥200M
12. Wired accessories trigger method:  Disconnection will alarm.
13. Trigger Duration:  0.5sec.
14. Security zone:  Wireless 16 zones, Wired 4 zones

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